The world of work and employment is changing all the time, and the AWM Group is a driving force behind it. AWM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES Previously Known as QUANTUM Started in 2016 with a vision to introduce cutting-edge technology to the recruitment business and provide simplified end-to-end manpower solutions to all major sectors. We can supply completely integrated workforce solutions that will support your organization's development and growth strategy because of our breadth and depth of experience garnered on the global stage. So you're not just prepared for the future, but also for the present. You've already arrived.

To establish a global presence and venture into the Asian, African, Middle East, European, and US market We have established ourselves as a renowned name in the HR realm by providing a wide range of recruitment and selection services to diverse companies. Our expert team is dedicated to leveraging the business potential of our clients by offering talent services.

Our network of brands and solutions enables us to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients' talent concerns as well as ongoing support for our applicants and colleagues. We're embracing digital's promise, providing more value to existing offerings, growing our market, and boosting efficiency. We see digitization as a way to increase jobs. We want to become a more useful service partner by responsibly merging the finest of the HR solutions sector with the best of the technology industry.

Our Bengaluru office captures the global job market, and each year we assist over 1200+ companies pan India, finding the appropriate talent.

Our Services

People can't help but notice when you put everything you've got into being a good employer, finding the perfect person for the perfect job, and offering young graduates and disadvantaged job seekers a leg up on the career ladder. We appreciate all of the awards we've received over the years.
Contract Staffing

Employers recognize that temporary hiring gives them the flexibility they need to adjust to changing business demands.

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Professional Staffing

To attract the proper people, different verticals and sectors require different strategies. Megatrends have prompted different verticals to adopt

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Permanent Recruitment

We understand how strong the competition for the best talent is. Despite the fact that each firm is different, they all require the same thing: dedicated,

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Human Resource Outsourcing

We're branching out from standard staffing solutions, focusing on outsourcing in particular. Organizations that require a lot of physical labor

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Hire Train Deploy

Workplaces are changing at a rapid pace, and businesses must be prepared to keep up. Employers all across the world are facing talent shortages,

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Talent Development & Career Transition

We assist businesses in the transition from a replaceable workforce and the never-ending fire-and-hire cycle to a renewable workforce and an atmosphere

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We provide MSP and RPO HR outsourcing services. Working with us has a number of advantages, including faster fill rates and higher quality due

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Board of Directors

Started by market Experts with their hardcore experiences with various companies.

Syed Fareed Irfan

Founder & CEO
MBA Grad from Bangalore University

He has volume and lateral hiring expertise – he has worked with leading brand companies like Infosys, IBM, and Flipkart. He is a successful leader and has built organizations in real estate, road construction, and hospitality.

Our Values

At AWM, we are guided by our values for all our stakeholders

One job at a time, we're changing the world of work.


We are the industry leader, and our goal is to increase the number of people employed.


We are always taking steps to make the concept of "better work, better life" a daily reality.

Team Spirit

As a team, we work together.

Customer Centricity

We want to be top-of-mind and top-of-heart for our customers, therefore we live by and for their success.

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